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The : A Digital Genealogy Project

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About this Suda genealogy project

The purpose of this site is to gather, share and preserve information about the history of the Suda family. It is our hope that the site will:

  • make these photographs and documents accessible to a wider range of people than they would be if passed from hand to hand
  • encourage people to contribute the materials and memories they have
  • capture oral histories that otherwise would vanish
  • facilitate communication among current family members
  • provide a centralized location for the collection and display of genealogical material about members of the Suda family from across the globe, and
  • preserve all this to help future generations understand their origins.

Header Images

These are the sources of the photographs that appear at the top of each page. Which image appears on any particular page is determined randomly.

Vandy, Louis, Tony and Agnes Suda
Frank and Anna (Suda) Dusek Family
Josef and Antonia (Parizek) Suda
Anna (Janousek) Suda Family
James Suda Family
The signature of František Suda from his 1871 passport.

Site Archive: Historical Versions

Browse through past versions of the site here (password required). The current site uses a PHP/MySQL backend and an XHTML/CSS frontend. The layout uses tables exclusively to display tabular information; the rest of the layout is accomplished using cascading style sheets (CSS).

Version 1.0 (2000-2001)
The first incarnation was static, which made updating the family tree very difficult. The layout was HTML table-based.
Version 2.0 (2002-2004)
This version was database-driven, which greatly expanded the capability to manage and display information. Unfortunately the layout was still HTML table-based rather than utilizing CSS, resulting in long page-load times and a lack of fluidity and extensibility.

Coincidence or grand design? You be the judge.

While creating the site, I noticed that my birthday (December 22) is the same as that of my great-grandmother Antonia (Parizek) Suda, and my brother Rory's birthday (March 10) is the same as that of our great-grandfather Gregor Celesnik (father of Jennie (Celesnik) Suda).